Top 5 Terrific Worship Leading Tips

Are you searching for worship leading tips that you would be able to learn easily and apply this Sunday morning? Learning this ministry can take a lifetime, however there may be nonetheless some nice things you can do which have rapid impact.

Discover the Worship Leading Tips that Succeed for You

With thousands of potential worship leading tips out there, it’s vital that you simply think about the ones that can be just right for you in your scenario with your team and with your church. One of the errors I regularly see in churches world wide is attempting to use worship leading tips that work in huge congregations with large bands to a small church.

Every church is completely different, so pray about introducing the correct tips that fit your congregation. Below I have listed my top five worship leading tips, and they are often applied to both Pentecostal and more conservative denominations to nice effect.

The Top 5 Worship Leading Tips

1. Choose the Right Songs

Frequently ignored, the fundamental tip of selecting the best songs is among the best to use to your church service. And here it is a simple rule: choose songs your individuals love and know well. You personally may need to choose brand-new songs, however most church members don’t love new songs, preferring the older ones that they know and love.

Usually after I choose songs, I like to choose at the very least one hymn, various praise and worship songs that the individuals know and love, and maybe one new song. Follow this and your success will likely be tremendously increased.

2. Flow Songs Together

If you might be eager to lead powerful and life-changing worship, your service must be a journey to the throne of God rather than singing a series of unrelated songs. Many churches punctuate items in the service with songs, and this completely strips the songs of any power they may have in leading people right into a deeper worship experience.

Flowing from one track to the next and not using a break across 4-5 songs is a very effective method which can greatly enhance the power and anointing of your service.

3. Use Keys Individuals Can Sing In

This could also be some of the obvious worship leading tips in our listing, but many worship leaders fail on this area. If you are a strong singer that you must watch out that you simply use songs in your service that folks can really sing, in a key that they’re comfortable in.

4. Engage Your Congregation

Engaging your congregation during the worship service is an important part of being a worship leader. You might have a terrific band and wonderful singers, but if the congregation is watching you perform rather than being engaged you might be missing the mark. It is perhaps a great performance, but it’s not leading people nearer to the throne of God.

Engaging your congregation simply means to softly take them and lead them on the journey of praise and worship. There are many nice worship leading tips included in engaging your congregation, for instance modulation or going up a key, clapping, periods of silence or even kneeling.

5. Progress from “I” to “You” Songs

There are thousands of songs out there at this time, and many of them speak about our personal experiences and journey with the Lord. This is a great place to start out your service, but I find it’s not the most powerful place to complete it.

Inward looking songs that talk about your personal experience are fine in their place, but one of the best songs for explosive and deep worship are these which concentrate on worshiping the Lord, not our response to Him. Songs like, “How Great Thou Art”, “I Exalt Thee” or “How Great is Our God” Can raise your worship service to new heights!

Apply these worship leading tips to your congregation and chances are you’ll find that your power and anointing as a leader increases virtually immediately!